These tickets and diamonds are the foundation of Survival Heroes. You can make use of them so you can get brand new unlockables, reaching new levels . There are many things you can achieve in the Survival Heroes to expand your game play and win the game. With this Survival Heroes hack, you will get everthing. ✅ No need of downloads — You don’t have to download and install any sketchy files that will severely damage your smartphone for instance Survival Heroes hack apk files. Just remember that every process in our hack tool is safely performed online on our protected cloud hosting server.

  • However, war against zombie become much easier when you have our modified version.
  • The game offers an Alliance Relocator feature for this purpose.
  • At the same time, the paint burns very well, therefore it causes long-term damage, and monsters die faster.
  • By focusing on your BP in SoS, you’re maximizing your potential to develop into the late game.
  • In order to relocate, you need to possess a relocator.
  • What is left is to decide if you would like to download two free games or fill in two free surveys, by doing that you will verify as a human.

The solo leaderboard rewards contain Jarrett fragments. There are also victory and defeat rewards for the combined preparation stage, the winner gets 1000 biocaps, 2 alliance relocations and 4 march speed ups. There are also solo and alliance leaderboard rewards during each stage. Each stage has solo point rewards, these are similar to Survival of the Fittest, e.g. resources, speedups, biocaps.

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Just choose amount of Diamonds & Biocaps that you want to add in State of Survival and that’s all. You will see how much better is this game with this hacks. In State of Survival, you are the chief of a settlement. Leveling up your chief level will unlock talent points to be assigned into war or economy talents.

Scouting through the world map, you’ll find wandering zombies, resource spots, as well as many other players peppered throughout the land. All of these elements can provide additional resources if you manage to successfully pillage them. The core gameplay of State of Survival is that of a conquest game. You’ll spend most of your time in your base, building and upgrading new structures, gathering resources, training troops, and basically doing everything that a Chief does. However, this gameplay is contrasted with RTS and real-time combat sections where you can partake of different challenges.

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If you’re planning to spend, or use Biocaps, Ray’s Place is a good event to use it on since you get good rewards. Legendary Heroes provide you with better stats, so getting the fragments needed to rank them up is crucial in order to get Stronger. With this event, you’ll be able to do that as long as you have prepared in advance. Choosing the 10 Spins will let you get a total of 10 types of rewards at once, and this cost cheaper than doing single spins at a time. It’s very simple since you just click a button and get your reward.

I’d describe them as defensive-oriented cause their skills are mostly focused around settlement protection bonuses. You also need to have proper amount of hero badges, but they are not hard to find, so I won’t mention their requirements here. You need either to find more of his hero fragments or exchange universal hero fragments.