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I believe the last mortgage and documents I’d from their store was in so about 9 years back

I believe the last mortgage and documents I’d from their store was in so about 9 years back

Is it too much time before to complete nothing now? I recently think it is puzzling they will have no data and should not see nothing even with research numbers and complete personal information that We provided.

As long as they do not have the data (since they bring wiped it) and also you cannot , then there is little that you can do 🙁

Oh well never ever self 🙁 wish other individuals have more chance because of this lender which will continue to trade (ideally with best techniques than they made use of before). Thanks plenty the details Sara.

Hi sorry to switch around! I experienced this with black horse, We informed them if I nonetheless owed them money they’d discover me. I place it in writing and said that once more and all of a sudden they located myself! attempt that just before stop trying as I succeeded in my own declare!

a€?Your case is currently in a queue would love to end up being considered by an adjudicator therefore we’ll get ready to give you all of our response once we’ve considered what that we posses in the instance.a€??

We have two situation lodged together with the Ombudsman. The first submitted and recognized in . Although i’ve talked in their mind and get changes via e-mail neither associated with the problems are allocated to an officer but. I do not whether they measure the urgency of instances and set aside consequently but I was at first told it would be 4 period for the reason that delays but my first case happens to be waiting over 7 period therefore the second one very nearly 6. These include certainly very busy at this time.

I place in two instances in November, and an independent issue, about among initial loan providers I became producing an affordability problem, in January. The January one got allocated and remedied first. Among the many instances from November got assigned in March, and was actually a little bit of a faff (settled the other day) because Safetynet Credit at first refused to recognize their own adjudication (it was regarding her best) and the more got designated in April, and settled in May. Generally there does not appear a lot of rhyme and explanation, within my certain situation, regarding what will get picked up when.

I set another in a week ago, and also be starting another in a few days: i’m planning on both to not become solved until some time next season, according to the things I’ve observed yet, and I also learn they’ve got a giant backlog at the moment also.

  • My personal collector stated I had to develop to alter a few things to my software if not it mightn’t be authorized.

You almost certainly will not become a reimbursement straight back of the many interest your settled… but request a reimbursement on all financial loans and allow Ombudsman make the age unaffordable.

Now I’m unsure if I have always been finest accepting the offer or if perhaps i ought to go towards financial ombudsman. Up untill today my personal circumstance had not altered thus I’m not sure why the other debts haven’t been kept if my personal situation had been exactly like the ones that have now been.

We initially posted a claim to CLC latest February. They refused my personal criticism therefore I sent they to FOS. Adjudicator governed within my favor maintaining debts 6 to 38. CLC once again refused this therefore it went along to the ombudsman. Theyve come instructed to get hold of me to arrange the reimbursement and that I need to go back to FOS in a month whether they haven’t arranged they. You will find a sense they’re going to pull their unique foot together with the reimbursement though. They’ve been simply challenging!

I imagined they’d need those info and utilized their excellent template page to ask when it comes to mortgage details when I contacted all of them but all I got got the a€?brush off’ page (two times)

If you’re unable to have them right back, keep in touch with an effective personal debt adviser concerning your scenario a€“ mobile nationwide Debtline on 0808 808 4000.

Today I’ve met with the last ruling from the ombudsman a€“ they’ve ruled inside my support financial loans 6 to 38!

No unfortunately i’ven’t, simply the account research numbers and a few outdated emails with a balance on whenever financing were productive. Used to do give every thing I thought they would should trace my accounts together but it is as if it never ever existed per them.

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