Live traffic camera feature allows you to see how many cars are on the road. Users reported traffic camera option has been removed in some cities. Reports of road closures, construction or traffic jams not always up to date. Keeps track of your routes and driving habits and calculates accordingly. Users have reported bugs that cause the app to crash or APKs Archive shut off without warning. Offers automatic rerouting due to traffic, accidents, or other road conditions.

It is very well maintained and upto date, has a lot of features and is great offline. Along with voice guidance, offline routing, live traffic updates and full 3D building imagery, maps are available for over 100 countries, too. It’s free to download and there’s a seven-day trial, but if you want to keep using it after that you’ll need to either pay for premium features and traffic updates, or just pay for the features. If you don’t, what the app offers for free is considerably more basic. While you will need an Internet connection, you can book a taxi, check out the bus schedule, and find other modes of public transportation.

#3 Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking Gps

“my tracks” can monitor your average speed, max speed, etc. We all know GPS doesn’t work well when you’re inside of buildings, upon this point, Phone will use tower signal to only get approximate address which may be too far off from your current address. “Im Here Plus” allows you to use SMS text messaging to check the status and GPS location of any person on your contact list, as long as they have “Im Here Plus” installed as well. You may also choose to send others your current location via SMS, whether with just your GPS address or with an edited personalized location. The GPS application pictured at the top of this page is called “GPS Status”.

  • The Sygic GPS navigation app can be downloaded by anyone without the requirement of beta access restrictions earlier in place.
  • This application keeps on updating all the maps multiple times per year for free of cost.
  • Waze also allows you to share your journeys with other users.
  • Google Maps is the one which many people turn to for all their navigational needs.
  • For offline mode, you must store the maps in the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet.
  • According to our survey, smartphone users are more likely to look up directions before leaving their location (36%) than navigating en route (34%).

However, most people are not going to need more than the maps for their own country or region, so it’s not a major restriction. Polaris Navigation is the ninth entry on our list and it’s an app that tries to be the all-in-one map sources. We must admit that it does a pretty good job at being that. With a perfectly clean, simplistic and modern UI, the app works well offline and includes points of interest like ATMS, fuel stations, restaurants etc. MAPS.Me is just awesome and If you haven’t picked this one up already.

Cycling Apps

No idea what period, but I use it daily to see current traffic condition to decide my driving routes, which is extremely accurate up to the minute. I have practically unlimited data, can’t use all 10G allowed each month, not even close. Navigon is a mobile app owned by the satellite navigation and mapping company Garmin. Like the other apps listed here, this navigation and map app works offline as well online. It is not a free app and will set you back about $40 for the version that includes a U.S. map. If you want European maps or maps for other parts of the world, you will have to pay extra.