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Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and accessories in the mid to mid-high price ranges. However, flagship devices, such as Xiaomi Mi 10, have started to appear in the lineup The branded shell for Xiaomi smartphones is MIUI, but for many it causes some controversy. The company’s portfolio also includes an interesting Mi Band fitness bracelet that can track user activity during the day and sleep phase. According to many, the company has a penchant for copying the products of one of the Cupertino companies.

The best extensions for Google Chrome and new features of Telegram: the results of the week.

The outgoing week was rich in not the loudest, but in some ways still interesting events. For example, Google summed up the next year’s results and named the best extensions for the most popular Google Chrome browser. It includes so many interesting options that even my eyes run up and I want to try everything that you have not yet downloaded. Not the results of the year, but an interesting update was noted this week by Telegram with its new functions. We also learned a lot of good things about Xiaomi Mi 12 and understood what we should prepare for, because there is very little time left before the release of the new product. All this and much more from what we remember the past seven days, we will summarize in our traditional news digest.

TOP 5 smartphones I dream about.

As good as your smartphone is, sooner or later you will still look to the left. Phones become obsolete in terms of technical characteristics, they stop receiving updates, trends in form factor, case materials and so on change over time. And given the fact that a lot of really interesting devices have appeared on the market lately, choosing one phone seems like a stupid idea. Today I would like to talk about those gadgets that I Ese Ushaka Kwivuza Hypertension-Manual | PDF | Evaluation | Malnutrition really want to try in practice, but they can hardly completely replace my main device.

What is known about Xiaomi Mi 12: price, specifications and release dates.

Despite the fact that many manufacturers are forced to stop the release of their smartphones due to a lack of components, this will not prevent Xiaomi from entering the market with its new flagship of the 2022 model year. And not just one. It turns out that the Chinese are planning to simultaneously present two devices at once: the classic Xiaomi Mi 12 and the improved Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro. This has never happened before. The company preferred to space releases in time, and the desire to release both smartphones at once in these difficult times looks like a real challenge.

6 investments in smartphones that will definitely pay off.

Many of us are wondering how to buy a smartphone profitably and not lose it. The sums at which sellers evaluate smartphones sometimes flies away somewhere in another galaxy. Times are already not the easiest, so you don’t really want to waste money for those functions that may not be useful either. But what if, when buying a smartphone, pay attention to important characteristics that will definitely benefit over time? I, of course, mean buying a smartphone not for six months or a year, but for the future

10 coolest smartphone cases that are hard to find

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What smartphone to buy for a girl.

In modern society, there is an opinion that the iPhone

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